Thursday, May 25, 2017

Untouchability in the 21st Century

It's not easy to shake off caste-ist ideas of untouchability when one has spent one's entire life under that worldview....

Witness the way these 2 BJP leaders responded to an unusual situation: (a Facebook post by Mohan Guruswamy)

There is something true to form about these RSS/BJP netas. First Yeddyurappa makes a much publicised visit to a dalit home for a meal, but the food is bought from a hotel and he primly eats it with a spoon off a socially neutral banana leaf.

Now our friend, the encounter Shah of Gujarat, visits a dalit family in Peretapalli in Nalgonda district for a dalit home meal with a troop of media persons to record this one time event it for posterity. But once again the food was prepared in the mango orchard of a upper caste landlord Manohar Reddy in the neighbouring Khammagudem village. The local dalit leader Chinta Sambamurthy stood by the table and watched while Amit Shah ate. This is a reversal of Modi's Na Khaunga, Na Khilaunga.

For the following day's dalit home lunch in Bhongir, the food was purchased from the Pedda Devulapalli Annapurna Mess. As the name suggests it is a upper caste eatery.
Amit Shah at a Dalit home in Nalgonda (via)

It's painful that this is still happening in 21st century India.....

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