Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Selection biases in NEET

This is my deepest worry about the proposed National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for admission to medical colleges..

"NEET plans to not only destroy the dream of poor, rural, non-Hindi mother tongue medium students (that is, a plurality of all students) of becoming a doctor , but also wants to create a cadre of doctors who want urban and foreign careers, with lesser ties to soil and the realities of rural areas, which is where the majority live.

Most states already find it hard to get qualified doctors for rural postings. An urban rich bias will destroy the system irreparably. The only beneficiaries of this regressive move will be private nursing homes, big healthcare chains and of course, the US. Medical colleges of the Indian Union will serve as supply factories for these entities, to an even greater extent than at present."

Is NEET going to create many more problems than solutions?

Read the rest of this article India's healthcare system will suffer because of NEET's bias towards the CBSE syllabus

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