Thursday, May 18, 2017

Is NEET the way to select potential medical students?

The practise of medicine is equally art and science. Not everything can be learnt from textbooks. This video reminded me of my own MBBS admission interview at CMC Vellore many years ago. A carefully planned, well-rounded and scientifically justified admission procedure that, in addition to assessing knowledge through MCQ tests, also assessed character, ability to work with a team, ability to rationalise and think out of the box, ability to prioritise and work rapidly under severe time constraints, willingness to work hard and willingness and skill to work with one's own hands with dexterity.

That admission process is now under threat and is likely to be ended with the government and court push for NEET, which ranks you on the basis of your performance on a single morning in a single exam. This is going to sadly affect the practice of medicine in this country. It is good to see in this video that some universities across the world are moving in the opposite direction.

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