Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letter to Dheeraj

Our dearest Dheeraj,

Someday (perhaps very soon!) you will look at this blog, and wonder how such a momentous event as you coming home to us has gone unnoticed for so long. As you will see, it is because your coming has been an earth-shaking and life-changing event. You have a very special story, and I have been waiting to write about it for a long time. I am now in Delhi to attend a Pediatric Surgery update. It is 11:30 in the night as I start typing, and I hope you and your mom are fast asleep together with Anand and Namrata, far away in Bangalore. I too feel terribly tired, but I had decided, when I started this journey, to finish writing this letter to you before I return to Vellore tomorrow evening. So without further ado, let me plunge in and tell you your amazing story........

A couple of years ago, before Namrata came home to us, we visited Vathsalya one day to have a chat with their director. During the course of that conversation, we told her that we were interested in having a ‘big’ family, and that we would be coming back to adopt more children if possible. We also mentioned that as a young Christian family, with both of us qualified doctors, and me training to become a doctor who treats little children, we would be open to the option of adopting a child with some medical needs. As you know, in a few months, God blessed us with Namrata, and she, like Anand, has brought so much joy and delight to us.

A few months ago, while I was at work, Mommy was doing family prayers with Anand and Namrata. That day, she read to them the story of Solomon, and about how God had come to him in a dream, and said He would give Solomon whatever he wanted, and Solomon had asked for wisdom.

Out of curiosity, she asked them, “Suppose God were to come to you, and say He would give you whatever you want, what would you ask Him for?”

Anand thought for some time, and then replied that he would ask for a little brother “like Rohan”. As you know, Rohan and Anand are great friends, and have such fun together.

Mommy said, “You say you want a little brother, but I have never heard you pray for one!”

Anand has never been one to let grass grow under his feet! He quickly knelt down and asked God for a baby brother. He then began to get more passionate in his prayers. “I want you to give me a baby brother like Rohan right now. In the afternoon, please send somebody, and let them ring the doorbell, and when we go to the door, let them say, ‘Here’s your baby brother!’”

When family prayers were over, Mommy called me at the hospital, and told me about Anand’s prayer. She said, “Maybe we should apply to adopt another child now!”

I told her we could wait till Namrata turned two, and then we would apply.

About a month later, while Mommy, Anand and Namrata were at Bangalore, and I was at Jhansi on work, we suddenly got a call from Vathsalya telling us about you. It seems they were finding it difficult to place you in a family because you had been found to have a medical problem. They had then remembered the conversation we had with them two years ago, and thought they would contact us. The next day, when I got back from Jhansi, we went over to Vathsalya, and met you for the first time. It happened to be Namrata’s second birthday (see God’s perfect timing!), and we took cake over for all the children at Vathsalya.

Even then, you were a little charmer. As we went through all your previous medical records, you were brought into the room. As soon as you saw us, you gave us your beautiful toothless grin. As we prayed and talked about this with our family and some friends, and did a basic test, and remembered Anand’s prayer, we could not help being amazed at how God had worked things out to ensure that you were brought into our family. We told Vathsalya that we would be happy to adopt you.

The next day, you became our little baby! We are so excited and thrilled at the way God planned and worked this out to every last detail.
You came to us even before we had registered to adopt another child. God gave you to us as a precious gift even before we asked, and so we were just so totally caught unawares. We did not have ready any feeding bottles, or diapers, or toys or clothes. In fact, we were so taken by surprise that we did not even have a name for you! (There was a little icing on the cake.....while in Vathsalya, you had been called Rohan!) But we were just so happy to have you! Anand and Namrata, especially, were super-excited. They brought their toys to Vathsalya to give to you, and tell you how much they love you. Anand told us, “I think God is answering all my prayers!”

So why have we waited two months before telling the world about you? Because our full lives have now become even fuller, more exciting, and loads more fun!

We have had to scramble to complete the requirements and register for adoption.

We have had to find a name for you. For some time we called you, ‘The Baby’, or ‘The Little Chap’ and things like that.

Dheeraj Timothy does that sound?

Dheeraj...for patience, endurance, constancy. Interestingly, Dheeraj, Anand and Namrata are all found in Gal 5:22,23 as fruit of the Spirit. May God make us a Spirit-filled family displaying His fruit to those around us!

Timothy.......after this wonderful young example in the Bible. I hope you will also inherit, like him, the faith which dwells in your mother!

Ninan......because you are now a part of us! We are so blessed and grateful.

In the middle of all this excitement, we have had to child proof again our new house. We have also had to get some new furniture, Since you came home, you have been on an accelerated development spurt! You now crawl all over the place, climb over obstacles, sit without any support and pull yourself to standing. In a short while you will be running!

You have had immunisations, and tests and somehow managed to get measles and recover from it. We are still not sure if you have any real medical problem at all!

I have had to finish my thesis, and work has been especially hectic.

Your grandmother has had a slipped disc, and then a procedure under anesthesia for her shoulder.

Through this all, we have been so blessed by friends and family, who have showered love on us. You have been welcomed wholeheartedly by everybody in the community around us.

It is now past 1:30 am, and I need to go to sleep soon. We are so happy God has given you to us, and love you so much.

Your own,
Daddy and Mommy