Thursday, August 29, 2013

What really causes heart disease.....

My Dearest Arpita,

It seems you were right all along!


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  1. I don't pretend to know these things, but a comment given in the article you have quoted makes me wonder.

  2. Maybe I should have chosen one of the many others who also say the same thing! Basically, as this website says:

    "To put Lundell’s advice in our own words, don’t worry too much about our nation’s popular, contradictory and only very recently devised definitions of “healthy.”

    Instead, take your cues from a longstanding culinary tradition. The particular balance of foods, preparation methods and lifestyle habits you’ll find on any time-tested cultural menu – from French to Inuit – combine for satisfying, scrumptious and balanced cuisine – even if some of the things on these menus make you feel you’re breaking the rules. (That’s more fun anyway, right?)

    Our theory is, as long as you’re working from an ancestral food tradition, you’re working with rules that have kept people kicking for hundreds to thousands of years – long before sophisticated medical interventions were here to help.

    In other words, these menus are well evolved. They’re adapted to meet our needs. Our nutritional and social needs. Our need for food that tastes good, and feels satisfying.

    So, we say: eat well, take your time, avoid all that weird processed stuff out there, be active and enjoy what you eat."

    For the record, here's Dr Lundell's defense of his record: