Friday, August 30, 2013

Men who go so high in doctrine.....

Listen to what Charles Spurgeon had to say about some people who could not find anything good to say about John Wesley, because, as Calvinists, they could not agree with his position as an Arminian.

John Wesley (via)
Charles Spurgeon (via)


"......Men who go so high in doctrine, and withal add so much bitterness and uncharitableness to it, that they cannot imagine that a man can fear God at all unless he believes precisely as they do."

From his lecture, “The Two Wesleys” (delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Dec. 6, 1861)

(HT: Justin Taylor)

Sounds familiar?!

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  1. Spurgeon (basically Calvinist from what I understand) is said to have prayed something like this: "God, save all those who you have chosen to save... and please save some more too!" :)

  2. Thanks, Andi. That's a nice one!

  3. I've also heard people who are Christian liberals (who seem to divide Christians into two categories based on American politics instead of actual theology) scoff and mock at 'conservatives'.... and similarly, the new-agey Emergent church and their theories too, where they are so fluid with what they believe. They find acceptance with society much more easily than people who dare to stand up for what they believe in, the way the Calvinists do.

    1. While its wrong to hurt people who don't believe Calvinistic doctrine... We need people who are passionate about holding to true doctrine, because what we believe about God is the most important thing about us. Why don't you comment on the Christian liberals who support gay marriage and abortion. Also, I'd love to hear your opinion on the emergent church and leaders like Rob Bell and Brian McLaren.



  6. Actually all this matters very little in our day to day interactions with people. We live in the WORLD, where our usual defence mechanisms come back into play - which are far more important that the 'right' theology..... so make sure you're smart, organized, rich, powerful, winsome, charming, good-looking, talented, street-smart and able to argue your way out of anything 'sinful' - anyway possible.... Post-modernism RULES!!! :)

    Calvinism, theology, God and boring rules are for Losers! :D :P

  7. Doctrine? Who cares?!

    Sin? As long as nobody gets hurt it doesn't matter right?

    As long as you can live with it, it doesn't matter right?

  8. Hey Pradeep, nobody cares about all this. We must not offend anyone by our excessive obsessive talk about God. People get bored you know. Why are you boring people? The only real religion that matters is "kindness". otherwise the rest of this is all propaganda and nonsense. All these people who are doing so much for other, making this world a better place, creating social justice, they are the best examples. All this focus on Biblical doctrine and morality and following some out dated rules written so long ago is irrelevant. The Bible is just a book okay, what really matters is that we be "kind" ... You can't expect everyone to follow your out dated book.... Come on, who the hell cares about doctrine!!!!

  9. See we must make place for everyone under the umbrella of "Christianity". You want to exclude people???? You want to be "unkind"?? Why are you so harsh? Even they are human brings right.... They might not subscribe to your out dated views on morality, marriage, sexuality, family etc, but they are such"kind"people... You are boring everyone with doctrine and Bible and John Calvin and Spurgeon.

    Chill man! Read some Buddhism or Osho.... Or listen to the Dalai Lama.... They are also very "kind" . In fact Osho is more than "kind".... Hahaha!!

  10. Boring Calvin. Boring everyone to death. Pre destination to eternal hell fire!! What hell??? Who said there is hell???? You have not read Brian mclaren or Rob Bell? That's the latest and greatest man, there's no hell!!!!

    Who told you there is hell? All lies. God is a very big Santa Claus..... He is very very "kind".... He doesn't send people to hell. He only gives out cotton candy and gifts. Like a big old senile grandfather.... All this hell business is scary man, why are you scaring everyone?? It's not"kind"!!