Wednesday, October 28, 2015

27th October: Day 7: Pakur to Madhepura

10.24 am: Whatsapp message: We had a good rest, and started at 7.30. We have decided against taking the ferry over the Ganga and have instead decided on Farakka, Maldah,  Dalkhola, Purnea,  Madhepura.  It is about 270km, and mostly through WB, so that we can avoid driving through small Bihar roads especially during this election time.

We have done well so far. We have just crossed the Ganga at the Farakka barrage. ...quite a beautiful and impressive sight, and we went through very quickly without much delay. After yesterday's misadventure with Google maps, we are talking more to local people and combining the information they provide with the directions from Google maps. Hopefully we should reach Madhepura by evening

Our sturdy warhorse! The SX4 after our misadventures on Jharkhand roads

Breakfast stop

Breakfast stop

Travelling together through Bihar

And finally, just like that, we were there!

21:22pm: Whatsapp message: We have reached Madhepura πŸ˜€πŸŽΆπŸ’₯🌟πŸ’₯

We stopped en route to meet Alex Philip and look at the hospital in Purnea. We met a missionary from Madhepura there, Sambhu,  and he travelled with us from Purnea to Madhepura,  helping us to find the way without any difficulty. 

Now the next chapter begins......

After a refreshing visit with Dr Alex Philip, at the Christian Medical Centre in Purnea (of the Nav Bharat Mission), we did the last stretch of the journey with Mr Shambhunath (a missionary working with NIEA).

As we finally entered the beautiful Madhepura Christian Campus, we were welcomed by Dr Timothy Chelliah, (the medical superintendent), Mr Nothaniel Misra (nursing superintendent) and Mr Ramesh (maintenance supervisor).

We were finally home!

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