Thursday, October 22, 2015

21st October: Day 1: Vellore to Vuyyuru

7.26 am:

Finally on the way. We have just left Bagayam.

Mixed emotions at this time. More than 2 hours late, but it was worth the good sleep, good packing and farewells all around. Please keep us in prayers.


Breakfast stop between Chittoor and Tirupati


Lunchtime :)

2:07 PM: Thanks, everyone. Its been great fun so far. Mostly good roads. We're doing well. Thanks for your prayers

The kids have finished lunch and gone exploring

Thanks Anu and Vinay Oommen for the packed breakfast and lunch that has helped us have these great picnics


We have just had a great time with Sanjay (my MBBS classmate ) and family in Vijayawada. Now we are going to Vuyyuru to meet David (another classmate). We will be staying with them tonight. Thanks everyone for your prayers, love and concern.


Yes! We are now at the CBM Bethel hospital, Vuyyuru. We realised when we reached that today is David's daughter's 4th birthday. He embarrassed us by asking the hospital staff to garland us, amd asking me to say something. Revenge for all those late night GBs in hostel. We then had a great dinner with the entire hospital staff. Somewhat like the Christmas dinners in many mission hospitals.

This hospital was almost closed down until David and Sheba moved here about 2 years ago. It has now turned around. Income has multiplied almost ten-fold and much of the hospital has been renovated. David is a paediatrician but does everything. Sheba is an OGcian. Do keep them in prayers. Both trained in Vellore.

We are going to have to slightly change our route because Modi is arriving in Vijayawada tomorrow to inaugurate Amaravathi, the new capital of Andhra. Sounds like another fun day tomorrow

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