Friday, October 23, 2015

22nd October: Day 2: Vuyyuru to Vizag


David's animals and organic vegetable garden.


Day 2, and almost 950km completed. Everything so far has exceeded expectations. Thanks be to God

After a good breakfast at Vuyyuru, we tried to avoid meeting Mr Modi by taking a somewhat circuitous route from Vuyyuru to Hanuman Junction (a town on the National Highway), via Gudivada. This road was bad in stretches, and even the NH seemed somewhat poorly maintained until Rajahmundry. Also, we could hardly find picnic spots which had not been spoilt with plastic papers and waste, and human and animal excreta. We were left feeling saddened at how this beautiful country of ours has been spoiled by human beings. It seemed to me to be quite symbolic of the lack of 'Shalom' we have been thinking together about over the past few months....of how human beings have messed up this beautiful world that was entrusted to our care.

Fellow travellers on AH45!
Watching buffalo, goat, and herdsman bathe together and wanting to join in the fun
After lunch and Rajahmundry, things started to look better. I think the stretch of highway between Rajahmundry and Vizag must be one of the most beautiful drives I have ever made, and I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the journey. We finally reached Vizag by about 4.30pm.

A large statue of Swami Vivekananda atop a hill
Beautiful India!

We first went to the home of one of our new friends, who has decided to move with his family to the Arukku valley to work among the tribals there. They plan to start a new school there. Ashita and Arpita engaged this couple in a freewheeling and animated discussion on education, homeschooling, choice of language medium (vernacular vs English/ Hindi), community ownership of the school, documentation and preservation of some aspects of local culture, promotion of Health, Shalom and abundant life (and not just treatment of symptoms) and so on. It was a great conversation.

We have just had another fabulous dinner with Havilah and family ( Havilah is my batch mate and foster sister) and James Adams and family (Arpita's batchmate). What a privilege it has been to meet and be hosted by these friends on this journey!
Dinner with Havilah, James and their families

Tomorrow we enter Odisha. Sounds like that is going to be great fun as well.

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