Friday, June 2, 2017

Simple steps you and I can take to protect our environment....

Trump Pulls Out of Paris: How Much Carbon Will His Policies Add to the Air?
A detailed analysis shows how much more CO2 each of Trump’s climate policy changes would send into the atmosphere

While it is completely appropriate to feel outraged and saddened at the irresponsible actions of leaders who seem intent on taking the planet down with them, here are 10 things we ordinary citizens can do starting today:

1. Carry your own cloth bags and plastic packets when shopping on the street for vegetables as well as in big stores. Stop consuming and discarding more plastic packets.

2. Avoid buying anything plastic that has a biodegradable or reusable equivalent, even though this might seem more expensive in the short term. For example, avoid buying plastic toys for your children, plastic storage jars for your kitchen, plastic racks and shelves and brooms and so on.

3. Go through your home and give away what you have not used or worn in the past 1 year. There are many people who need these more than you.

4. Please don't buy more stuff to replace what you have given away! It might lie unused and unworn on your shelves for 6 months later.

5. Stop using plastic plates and glasses for parties and get togethers. Either ask all those attending to bring their own plates and glasses from their homes, (most educated people would be quite happy to do this) or buy biodegradable or reusable equivalents.

6. Stop throwing your plastics out on the roads, from your homes or out of the car, and from train windows to litter our beautiful countryside, clog our drains and waterbodies, and lie unchanged without decomposing for the next few centuries. Collect this and deposit it in dustbins to be discarded properly.

7. Carpool and use public transport whenever possible.

8. Turn off the lights and put off the ACs and fans when nobody needs them.

9. Grow your own vegetables and flowering plants. On your terraces, balconies, corridors, and every free bit of land. And plant trees wherever you go.

10. Compost your garden and kitchen waste. Add value to the earth for all that you have taken from it.
Let's do the best that we can for the sake of those who will inherit what we leave behind. "You in your small corner and I in mine".

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