Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lose Yourself in the Bigger Story

Those of you who were at Shiloh 2014 will appreciate the lyrics of this song by Steven Curtis Chapman, inviting us to 'lose ourselves in the Bigger Story' of what God is doing on earth

"Big Story"
(Steven Curtis Chapman)
[Psalm 19:1-4, 47:7-9 / Isaiah 40:21-26 / Colossians 1:16-22]

I hear the rumors of another world
Like distant voices in the wind
They say there is a story being told
Bigger than I can comprehend
And in the rumors I can hear an invitation calling

This is the big story
There is a God who's in control
Telling the big story
And He wants us to know
We will find ourselves
When we lose ourselves
In the bigger story
Come and take your place in the story

We all live in this place called the here and now
We see what's right before our eyes
But right here right now heaven's coming down
All around God's story is coming alive
And in this moment if we listen
We can hear Him calling

Captivating, fascinating, all consuming
Never concluding
One and only
Ever unfolding
Story of stories
The big, big story

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