Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The church and the real need for older people who could be mentors

Thabiti Anyabwile writes about a very real problem in the church today:

"I wonder if others observe a phenomenon I think I see in many churches: people clustering with others in their generation? The 20-somethings spend their time with other 20-somethings talking about 20-something concerns. The young families hang out with other young families, hosting play dates and trading parenting tips. It seems to me that 60-somethings tend to flock together with other 60-somethings. There are notable exceptions, of course. There are those older men and women who become pillars in the church by investing in younger men and women. And there are the younger persons who seek to serve young families or older members. But by and large, people seem to spend the bulk of their spiritual energy and time with other people in the same stage of life."

Please click over and read the article. I think it has a lot of sound wisdom.

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  1. Paul washer also has a similar view. He says there is nothing called adolescence.