Sunday, December 9, 2012

Personal Mission Statement Version 2

I have re-tweaked my previous mission statement.

My New Mission Statement can be accessed here.

I'd love to continue to get feedback on this, so that I may be able to not only articulate myself better, but also accomplish God's plan for my life.


  1. Dear Pradeep,

    In your statement I could not agree with this:
    As a Doctor
    1. To speak for, and work among the poor and marginalized.
    2. To consistently provide the highest possible quality of care.
    3. To be at the ‘cutting-edge’ of appropriate technology wherever I work.

    Is this Biblical? Or is it sensational? Or is this written conforming to what we know as the highest calling that a doctor can have - that is based on the world's principles of medical care.

    I am a fellow "struggler" and brother and not a con-descender.

    I see that you have examined being a "christian" as a "doctor" but have you examined being a "doctor" as a christian and as a person who studies the Bible as God's word. Have you seen how God sees the same diseases we see?

    I have had a glimpse and it is frightening in the least.

    This is Prince, and you may remember me as Kirubah's (who works in LCECU) husband.

  2. Prince, thanks for your comments. Actually the purpose of a personal mission statement is really (I think) to help me prioritise and think about what I would like to see happen in each sphere of my life.

    There are many goals one could have as a doctor. At the end of my life, I would like to be remembered as a doctor who
    1. always spoke on behalf of, and worked among the poor and marginalised. This is not (as you fear) said in a condescending manner. It is just that I think it is right and fair and equitable that somebody should speak for the poor, when the rich and privileged have so many thinking, speaking and working for them. I am not discounting the contribution of all other doctors, or saying this is the only way to do things. I am just saying this is what I would like to do!
    2. always provided the highest possible quality of care. The highest possible quality of care in Vellore would be different from the highest quality of care in a rural hospital (for example). A rich man would have a different perception of quality of care from a poor man. However, wherever I work, I want to be thinking about what is the highest possible quality of care for this patient, and tailor my medical practice to the realities of this patient.
    3. was at the cutting edge (because I am a surgeon!) of appropriate technology wherever I work. Again technology that is appropriate for Vellore, may not be appropriate in a rural hospital. I want to be somebody who is innovative, technologically appropriate for the setting I work in, and competent.

    Let me also say that I do not think that there is anything inherently spiritual about being a doctor! And so, I would say there is nothing inherently spiritual about these choices I make about how I would like to practise medicine. I would be happy to accept somebody who was led to practise medicine with different goals from mine.

    Ultimately, a "Christian doctor" (or, as some would say, a "Medical Christian". It does not matter to me what term you use. I think basically we understand each other!), or a "Christian teacher", or "Christian politician", or Christian banker" or "Christian housewife" is one who has understood God's call on his/her life, (, and is seeking to please God in everything he does. The God who leads Peter to work among the Jews in Jerusalem, may lead Paul to work among the Gentiles in Ephesus. God's specific task for one may be different from His task for the other, but, as members of His body, we need each other to work together to accomplish God's purposes.