Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to Countertrend

This blog is a relic from long ago.....when I had planned to do some serious blogging. 

What happened instead is that I began two other family blogs:  Our Family and Other Animals and 24RR and beyond which have seen some infrequent activity over the years. Some posts I thought were really important I cross-posted here. This blog, however, was generally empty, and did not appear on my blogger profile.

Occasionally, however, I have felt the need to post something which I wanted more people to be able to read, critique, and debate without feeling like they were intruding on private family blogs. Hence, the decision to resurrect this blog.

I will continue to post only infrequently and when I have time. May I suggest that those of you who are interested enough to read what I write subscribe using Google Reader? This is the reader I use to subscribe to the 75-odd blogs I follow. If you have never used Google Reader, try it. It will save you time and energy. Long ago, when I entered the blogosphere, I found the instructions here helpful to get me started. Many of the old images on that post are gone, but perhaps you may still be able to get the general idea.

This blog will be open for discussion and comments. I will permit anybody to comment, though I prefer that people who comment use their own names rather than pseudonyms. I think the need to take ownership and responsibility for what we post keeps discussion civil and constructive. For the time being, however, I will allow pseudonyms. I will moderate/delete rude, profane, and obscene comments.

So, welcome to my blog! Thanks for clicking over. I hope you will enjoy what you find here, and be blessed as we interact with each other.


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