Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mission statement

Mission Statement

To Find and Complete God’s Purposes In, Through, and Around me.

As A Christian
1. To rest in the Assurance of a son of God.
2. To demonstrate an Example of all that is possible in the life lived by faith.
3. To live Transformed and not Conformed.
4. To find in every place the ones God has called to be His children; to give myself to them, and for them, that I may grow with them.

As a Husband
1. To surround my wife with a demonstration of unconditional love.
2. To be a partner with her as fellow-heirs of the promise.
3. To build with her a home filled with the atmosphere of love, selflessness, and sacrificial giving, where all who enter may return refreshed.

As a Father
1. To provide for our children godly roots and wings.
2. To enable them to find love, security and purpose.

As a Son/ Brother
1. To be a dependable, loving and faithful support and friend.

As a Friend
1. To cultivate friendships that are challenging, encouraging and enabling.

As a Doctor
1. To speak for, and work among the poor and marginalized.
2. To consistently provide the highest possible quality of care.
3. To be at the ‘cutting-edge’ of appropriate technology wherever I work.

As a Teacher
1. To pass on values together with information.

1. To value People over Possessions
2. To value Quality over Quantity.
3. To value what God does over all else.

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