Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Caste System follows Privileged, High-caste Indians everywhere.....

What a shame! Why are a small proportion of Indians, the high-caste minority, who daily enjoy the benefits of centuries of Privilege, determined to keep the caste system going, instead of tearing it down completely, and treating all human beings as created equal?

Read the article: Hindu Groups in UK Hit Back at British Government’s Plans to Ban Caste-Based Discrimination

"London: Caste is rearing its ugly head again, this time in an unlikely place – the United Kingdom. Under pressure from rights groups and sections of civil society, the Theresa May government has moved to take its first steps towards banning caste-based discrimination in the public sphere. It has called for public opinions on whether caste discrimination will be best tackled by a ban on it through a new law or not, a consultation which will end on September 18, after which the government will take a final call.

However, the backlash from Hindu organisations, several of them close to the Sangh parivar, has been swift. They are livid at the government’s move and have threatened to derail it with all their might. This has now made the May government’s resolve in banning caste-based discrimination wobbly – it doesn’t want to appear to be taking on these vocal groups.

In fact, from at one time promising to ban caste discrimination in 2013, the May government has made an about-turn already, by now inviting public opinion on whether such a ban is even required. The government’s reluctance in biting the bullet on caste discrimination is now being seen as the surest sign of the ascent of the Hindu Right in the UK, a rise propelled by the financial clout of its British Hindu supporters and the tacit support of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, the overseas wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the far-right ideological parent of Modi’s BJP."

Read the rest here.

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